Do you see the metropolitan areas of Omaha or the flat farm fields that dominate the central part of the state? Are you looking for something close to what you can experience in NYC, or do you want to settle into the small-town life?

Unless you move from NYC to Omaha or Lincoln, relocating to Nebraska can bring a sense of culture shock with it if you’ve never experienced Midwestern life. The days move slower, people are genuinely friendly, and you’ll be working with more cattle than humans.

It’s a Small Town Way of Life

89% of the communities found in Nebraska have fewer than 3,000 people. If you’re looking for a metropolitan vibe, only Omaha and Lincoln have a population larger than 60,000 people. That means new construction is a low priority throughout the state.

That fact comes with some pros and cons. You’ll find outstanding craftsmanship and remarkable details in many homes at a median price of $160,000. That also means the modern upgrades, weatherproofing, and energy efficiencies you may want could be hard to find. Most “newer” homes were built in the 1970s.

Life in Nebraska Involves Three R’s


When you start living in Nebraska, you’ll find three R’s dominate daily life: ranching, religion, and Republican politics. Although Omaha did vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 Presidential election, most of the state focuses on an agricultural lifestyle where the family is the priority.

Numerous families have worked the same land for multiple generations. It is a place where traditions are essential, your word is your bond, and football dominates on the weekends.

Expect to Do Some Traveling

lake in Nebraska

Nebraska is sometimes called a “flyover” state because people pass through the region to get to where they want to go. When you’re in the middle of the continent, finding a beach or hiking to a mountain summit is rare.

Living in Nebraska means embracing the lake lifestyle. If being near the water is important to your family, Lake McConaughy should be a destination to consider. It’s along the North Platte River, offers windsurfing, and offers a few picnic areas and white-sand beaches. Additional options include Lake Wanahoo, Glenn Cunningham Lake, and Carter Lake.

It may be 100 miles or more to your nearest preferred recreation area, depending on where you choose to settle when moving from NYC to Nebraska. You’ll need to get used to being in your car for a while.

On the bright side, Nebraska has a unique law that says a bar can’t sell beer unless they also offer soup. You’ll find plenty of places to relax and get refreshed while traveling across the state.

Get Ready for the Weather in Nebraska


Nebraska offers the standard continental climate. You can expect all four seasons when living in the state.

The winters tend to get cold, although it isn’t as bad as being in the Dakotas or Minnesota during the season. You can expect your town to shut down for a couple of days each year due to a major winter storm.

If you live in the country, it helps to pack a few supplies away so that you have something to eat if you can’t make it into town.

The one weather change that requires your attention is the severe, violent storms that blow through the region. Nebraska experiences more tornadoes than any other state.

What Is the Tax Situation in Nebraska?


Nebraska charges an income tax that ranges from 2.46% to 6.84%. Most families qualify for credits and deductions that can lower their overall burden in this area.

The one change is the average effective property tax in the state. Nebraska has one of the country’s highest obligations in this measurement, with it currently at 1.8%.

Someone making about $51,000 per year while living in Nebraska will take home just over $40,000 after paying their tax obligations.

Since the median housing costs and overall expenses are much lower in Nebraska, many New Yorkers find that they can save significantly after moving here. It is not unusual to find rental costs under $1,000. Even in Omaha, you can find a decent place to live for about $1,250 per month.

Moving to Nebraska from NYC could be a significant lifestyle change. It might also be the exact thing you need to start the next chapter in your life. If you need any help with the logistics of your move, let our team know! We’ll be happy to provide a competitive quote for the services you require.

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