The average person moves about a dozen times in the United States. About a quarter of Americans, including New Yorkers, have moved to a new home within the past five years.

Several factors have contributed to this mobile society. For example, short-term rental contracts, building owner changes, job transitions, and unique situations lead to needing to move. Since it can be challenging to manage the logistics of transitioning to a new address alone, it helps to have professional assistance.

Budgetary factors often dictate what is possible when dealing with a move. However, many young professionals and families do the work themselves because they trade monetary savings with physical labor.

When you know the cheapest day to hire professional movers in NYC, it might be possible to bring in some help to manage this process.

When Should I Hire Professional Movers in NYC?

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The best days to hire a professional mover are weekdays. There is less demand to move to NYC from Monday to Thursday each week. You’ll receive better rates with a requested quote if you can schedule everything on these days.

Although Friday is technically a weekday, it is treated as a weekend for pricing purposes. For example, some moving companies charge a similar rate on Mondays since it connects to the Saturday-Sunday weekend.

That means your best choices are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when trying to get the cheapest moving day. The savings can be enough to offset the expense of losing a working day to get to your new home.

There are some pros and cons to consider with a weekday move. Here is a closer look at what to expect if you take this step.

Pros of Moving on WeekdaysCons of Moving on Weekdays
There is less stress involved with a move on this day. The kids are in school, neighbors aren’t being nosy, and fewer distractions exist. You might even have time to get unpacked some at the new address before everything starts again.Unless you move in the summer, family schedule disruptions will occur during weekdays. The kids might need to be pulled out of schoolor be switched to a different one, which means trying to make new friends while getting used to a new room.
You’ll have faster access to utility installations with a weekday move. Setting an appointment in advance is helpful, so you can get services scheduled for when you expect to be at your new home and have a smoother transition.There is limited help from others during a weekday move since most people are at work. If you need assistance with packing or organization, there might not be any family members or friends around.
There could be some extra money for extra services when moving on weekdays. Most professional moving companies in NYC offer packing and unpacking support, furniture assembly, and other specialty options.The only way to avoid losing wages during a weekday move is to take vacation time or another approved leave option. That can mean a planned trip might need to be postponed or canceled.
Less traffic is on the roads during the middle of a weekday. That means your movers spend less time transitioning between addresses, and a lower risk of an accident exists since fewer people are on the road during the daytime hours (outside of rush hour).Schedule disruptions are still possible when moving during the week. Life in NYC is unpredictable at times, so it is helpful to have a backup plan in place to deal with unexpected circumstances.

Every situation is unique, so it helps to evaluate these positives and potential challenges with your circumstances. That way, you can select the best solution for your needs.

When Do I Need to Schedule My Moving Dates?

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If you have a moving date with zero flexibility, it helps to speak with a professional moving company as soon as possible. There can be a lot of competition for specific weekday moves because of how much money can be saved.

Some people have short-notice moves because of their circumstances. A professional moving company can often accommodate these requirements, but there could be few options for morning or afternoon times.

When you notify your landlord or property manager, consider contacting your preferred movers to discuss availability. Then, you can lock in a date, organize the other logistics, and feel confident that you’ll establish a new home without going over budget.

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