New York City is famous for its high real estate and rental prices. It doesn’t take much to push a property into the seven-figure range, even if it is for a small single-family home.

When you talk about rent, prices have surged to more than $5,000 for the average listing in Manhattan. In the other boroughs, however, you’ll find costs in the $3,000 to $4,500 per month range.

Those costs are causing young professionals and families to look for the cheapest places to live near NYC. When you can find listings in these neighborhoods and communities, you’ll have more opportunities to live out the American dream.

List of the Inexpensive Places to Live Near NYC

1. Maplewood

With the help of the Transit trains, you can get to Manhattan in about 30 minutes on most days when you live here. Although it is in New Jersey, this community has many charming qualities. You’ll get that small-town feeling, easy access to the water, and a fun art center to enjoy. Many homes here are also significantly cheaper than you’ll find in NYC.

If you can handle the commute, you’ll enjoy what life can offer in this affordable alternative to New York City.

2. Port Washington

You can find this tiny hamlet tucked along the north shore of Long Island. It takes about 40 minutes to reach Manhattan from here on average. You’ll get the perks of living in a coastal community while enjoying local restaurants and parks along the marina.

Homes here allow young professionals and families to enjoy the daily perks of living in a small-town community while having the convenience of NYC right down the road.

3. Larchmont

You’ll find this beautiful community a little to the north of NYC. It has dozens of tree-lined streets that are perfect for an afternoon stroll.

You get a nice mixture of suburban and urban amenities, and many green spaces and parks can enjoy.

Although the pricing is higher than what you’ll find if you move a little further away from the city, the historic and tasteful charm here provides many benefits for the investment you’d make to live here.

4. New Rochelle

If you’re tired of sending money to a landlord each month and want to own a house, then this community might be the perfect place to consider. You’re about 30 minutes from Grand Central Terminal, so you’ll find many commuters as your neighbors. In addition, there’s a nice mix of historic properties, modern condos, and other real estate options for creating a home.

The schools have excellent ratings in this community. In addition, you’ll have access to a mixed-use waterfront, coffee shops, and boutiques while staying close to the city. New Rochelle also has one of the lowest crime rates in the state for communities of a similar size.

5. Greenwich

Although your commute reaches an hour or more when moving to this NYC alternative, you’ll still save some cash by finding a home in this city. In addition, you’ll find a lovely mix of cosmopolitan influences and historic harm as you wander the streets.

Greenwich is often ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States – not just the region. Of course, you’ll want to find a place that balances your commuting costs with your real estate needs, but it is the perfect destination for those looking to make a change to help their budget.

6. Fort Lee

If you’re not ready to leave NYC, consider going to the other side of the Hudson. You’ll have easy proximity to employment in the city from here while enjoying a home in a walkable area. In addition, the housing market is thriving, so there’s an excellent chance of finding a spot that works with your budget.

People have been coming to Fort Lee from NYC since the 1980s because of the Korean restaurants in the community. You can find bingsu, coffee, and pastries in high demand.

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